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Fashion Thursday: Bikini battle

The beach habitués know perfectly well: there is such thing as beach fashion, it changes all the time and poor of those girls that do not keep up. We also know that Rio de Janeiro is the biggest trendsetter in that market (although other Brazilian cities are quickly catching up), which makes Fashion Rio the place to look for the next hits.

The problem lies exactly there: since fashion is becoming more and more democratic and the brands are  experimenting with a more conceptual work, the collections end up being dramatically different from each other. Will it be the end of the summer crazes? Or the arrival of the individual style on the sands? Take a look at the collections that hit the catwalk during this Fashion Week's last edition and find out what style suits you best.

Blue Man

Blue Man mixed together the style of the late Yes, Brazil! and some patterns from their vintage collections. The result was an elaborate beachwear, almost verging on the baroque. It's ideal for a pool party or for any occasion when you need to look glamorous in a two-pieces. The one pieces will be perfect for doubling as a statement blouse for an after party. 


Lenny's style is the complete opposite of Blue Man's. Here, the word of the day was simplicity. Few prints, a more forgiving silhouette, there was even space to fit in the voluminous trend. If the little black dress is your fashion staple during the day and you understand the value of a well cut piece, this collection is for you. 


Do you hit the sands in Leblon but your heart lies in Capri? Well, know that is now possible to make that trip, even if it's only in style. Salinas came up with a collection filled with vintage references, wrapped together by some classic Italian songs. Yet, the silhouettes were updated (who wants to hit the sands looking like their grandmas?) and the result was fun and chic. If you're a vintage treasure hunter and Lana Del Rey is your style icon, this collection is for you. 


Triya's show was meant to cause an impact. Perfect bodies clad inside ultra colourful, tiny bikinis, we felt like time travelling to Ipanema during the 80's. The colour combinations, mostly reds and purples, created a bold and impacting look. Jewel and makeup were far from discreet. If you're the kind of woman that can rock a Hervé Léger at night and your own fitness program during the day, this collection is for you. 

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